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Silver Package

Silver Installation Package 3-4 Hours

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Television on wall over Cabinet

Basic TV Wall Mount

  • Secure TV Wall mount and secure flat-panel TV up to 40″
  • Connect up to 5 components in 1 room (e.g., DVD player, gaming system)
  • Conceal TV cables in single stud bay (does not include Electrical Outlet)
  • Equipment must be below TV
  • Basic Programming of manufacturer-supplied remotes
  • Ensure all equipment works properly and demonstrate how to use

Installation includes: mounting your Flat Panel video device (panel sizes with less than a 40 inch diagonal) on a wall. Connections will include existing A/V source and existing A/V components Located Directly Below the TV. Installation includes limited wire fishing, for concealment only, of A/V source and connection cables Within the same stud Bay (directly below TV). Service includes disposal of packing materials, Basic programming of two remotes, and product demonstration.

Wall mounting hardware and flat panel connection cables, Re-routing cables outside of 1 stud bay (cable feed or electrical) is extra. Service does not include Mounting of speakers, Furniture or stand assembly /drilling.

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