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Bronze Package

Bronze Installation Package 2-3 Hours

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tv on Entertainment Center with speakers

Basic A/V Hookup

  • Set up newly purchased TV
  • Connect up to 5 components in 1 room (e.g., DVD player, gaming system, tv)
  • Set up speakers and receiver in 1 room
  • Neatly dress exposed wires
  • Basic Programming of manufacturer-supplied remotes
  • Basic Calibration of components
  • Ensure all equipment works properly and demonstrate how to use

Installation includes: connection to existing A/V source and A/V components co-located in the same room up to 15 cable-feet apart. Speakers will be placed on floor, stands or cabinetry (no wall mounting). Installation includes disposal of packing materials, neat wire management, Basic Calibration, Basic programming of Manufacturer Supplied remotes, and product demonstration.

Component connection cables are not included. Service does not include wire fishing or moving in-wall cable, Furniture or stand assembly /drilling, Wall Mounting TV or speakers.

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