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Wall Of SpeakersCedar mill home theater specializes in installing Home Theater and Multi Room Speakers.

Home theater systems rely on proper installation and connection of the system’s home theater speakers. In most home theater systems, this consists of five speakers reproducing full-frequency sound, with an additional subwoofer that plays the low-frequency sounds and effects.   There are many different setups to choose from.

In-Ceiling Speakers, In-Wall Speakers,  Mounted On-Wall Speakers, Floor standing speakers, speakers on Stands, or any combination of these. We have many brands and speakers to choose from and can fit any budget.

speaker-placementKeep in mind that there are too many variables involved for there to be a single “magic Solution” that’s always best. Every speaker has different sonic characteristics, every room has different acoustic properties,  every room has different Wiring Challenges, and each room has an aesthetics needs. We work with you to give you our best suggestions and a few options that work best for you.

wall speaker and volume control

In-Wall Speaker with Volume Control

We also offer Multi Room Speaker Systems, or Whole House Audio. A Multi Room Speaker System will allow you to listen to music or even audio from your television in any room in your home you install speakers.  In most cases this gives you the ability to listen to two or more different sources at the same time. For example, you can watch TV with full surround sound in your living room, and listen to CD or IPOD in your bedroom, kitchen, or patio, each with independent volume controls.

We are always looking for new products and are current on many new technologies. We have many solutions for distributing Audio and Video throughout your entire home.  Want the ability to hold your IPOD Touch, IPAD, or IPHONE in your hand and still send the audio wirelessly throughout your house? No Problem we can do that.  Need a centralized locating to store all of your music, like a music server, holding 1000 hours of MUSIC? We can do that too.  How about smart keypads in any room of your house that let you choose your music and shows you meta information, like song name, artist, album, etc.  It’s all possible with our whole house solutions, at Cedar Mill Home Theater.

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Installation of your TV or Home Theater

We are happy to assist you with whatever your home audio/video needs are, from a simple TV installation to a multi-room sound system. Learn about all the options you have here.

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