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Your time is valuable. Your system is important.

Since the beginning, CMHT has installed the systems we sell. Installation remains the largest part of our daily operations. We arrive at a convenient hour, do a complete install right down to programming the remote as you want it, hide the wires, vacuum the rugs, give you a walk-thru and head out on our way. Did you say you want the lights to dim, the stereo to flick on and the HDTV to turn off all with the push of one button? We can make it happen.

Sharp Aquos Television

Our Standard Installations include:
We’ll wall-mount your larger flat-panel TV; connect it to a tuner or A/V source using concealed wire; connect all of your audio and video components and hook it up to your surround sound system.


We can mount/install speakers in wall, on wall or in ceiling; connect the speakers to your receiver using concealed high-quality speaker wires; and set up and connect the rest of your surround sound system and components.


We’ll connect your new video components with neatly dressed, exposed wires; integrate up to 7 new and existing components; and set up your free-standing surround system.

Audio equipment located in a central location such as a living room or closet feeds sound to speakers in other rooms and areas. These speakers can be mounted in walls or ceilings so that they virtually disappear.
Control devices such as volume controls, keypads, and touch screens mount in walls just like light switches. They’re wired into the system so you can control the sound in just one room or the entire house.
Simple systems share the same sound in all areas of your home, while the more complex let you play different programs to be heard in different rooms at the same time. We offer systems of all kinds at all levels.

We’ll program your remote control for simple, intuitive operation of your TV and home theater components. This service is recommended for advanced learning remotes such as Harmony Remotes by Logitech.


CMHT has always provided customers with quick, expert maintenance and repair services. While some “bigger” stores offer their own version of maintenance and repair packages, CMHT provides same-day services in your home, meaning you’ll never have to pack everything up and bring it in. Our on-site technicians are always ready to hit the road so they can get your equipment up and running again.

Installation of your TV or Home Theater

We are happy to assist you with whatever your home audio/video needs are, from a simple TV installation to a multi-room sound system. Learn about all the options you have here.

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