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How To Design a Home Theater

If your home has the space, creating a movie theater can be a great investment. Not only is it an investment in your home if you do put it on the market but it is also a wonderful investment in the memories you will make with family and friends while spending time together in this space.  When you start the process with your contractor there are some items you need to have in mind for the design of your home theater.

  • The layout of the room

This is a very important part of the space as you will be spending a lot of time here and want it to not only be comfortable but give the best results in entertainment possible. When deciding on a room in your home to use for the theater you need to take into consideration the shape, number of windows, and walls. When looking at the shape, design the layout in your mind. Where will the screen go? How many and what type of seating? Obviously the least amount of windows the better but heavy curtains can be purchased if necessary. Standard drywall is a good option for your movie theater whereas concrete is not a good idea. Use draping and large furniture to break up wall space. Make sure to paint walls a dark color so the screen does not reflect off light colors.

  • The sound

Speaker technology has come so far and there are many options when choosing a sound system for your theater. Keep in mind the placement of your speakers. You want to get a surround sound feel so make sure speakers are placed high and low throughout the entire room. Also make sure that you have a center speaker which is where you will hear most dialogue on the screen. Another important piece of the system is the subwoofer. Since there is usually only one a center position may be best.

  • The view

The most important thing when designing your home theater is making sure every seat has the best view in the house. To get the best viewing positions you need to take some things into consideration; optimal distance and height. For a 60 inch wide screen you want viewers to be no closer than 7.5 ft. or farther than 12.5 ft. Also being as close to eye level from the center of the screen as possible is important too.

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