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Home Cinema: Adding Value Where it Counts

Home theaters are growing in popularity as technology evolves and consumers want their entertainment systems to move with the times, and the good news is that these cinema or media rooms can add real value to your property. From big screen televisions being incorporated into family living spaces to entire conversions in loft or basements to create a home cinema, the trend for complete media packages by consumers is continuing to grow at a significant rate.

Views from the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry agrees that home cinemas add value to properties in the U.S. In California, luxury buyers want homes that are kitted out with fabulous theaters and these are becoming increasingly sought after. In the large homes of L.A, these rooms are considered essential, with customers looking for automated properties that can be controlled by iPhones and other smart technology. Jade Mills, a top real estate agent in Beverly Hills, claims that this is the new way of life. Clients are becoming technically much more competent and so the trend for ‘smart’ homes looks set to continue.

The high-end market is only part of the story. Is there a demand for home entertainment rooms in more modest houses and can they make a difference in this market too? In Pennsylvania, Laura Gallagher told Home Theater Review that media rooms converted from basements do make a home stand out from its competition, particularly in areas where the developments are very similar. It’s all about giving your home an edge in the neighborhood. Gallagher claims that the home with the media room sells first.

Clever use of space is vital in a more modestly sized home. If a home theater overpowers the property, it may not help increase its value, but there are ways to disguise your home cinema in this instance. You might locate it inside a cabinet or behind a decorative screen so that the room can be multi purposeful at different times of the day.

Home cinemas represent family time for many and so media rooms are becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity in recent times. These are the most used rooms after the kitchen and living room. The Home Builders Association claims that new homes generally come with a media room or home theater nowadays and that these can be shown off particularly well when it comes to viewings. The trick is to keep wires hidden and make sure the media room is clean and that it looks spacious, so reducing the amount of seating when people are viewing your home can be a good idea.

Design Tips for a Perfect Home Cinema

Thinking about performance of your media units as well as functionality of a room that may be multi purposeful can be difficult. One idea is to make your gear subtler so that you can hear it to its maximum potential but it will not overpower the room. Always think of the room being an investment and not an eye sore for realtors who might come to view it one day. The aesthetics of the room are important, so that it remains an attractive space. Lighting can really complement your home cinema and can make the room look incredibly stylish, rather than garish. Think about the elements you need in the room and do not clutter it with unnecessary movie memorabilia, as this will make the room look smaller and it may not appeal to prospective buyers.

Home Cinema is an Investment

With the move into digital plasmas and projectors, the market has become competitive and home cinema rooms are now more affordable than ever. Image quality in the $3,000 to $4,000 price bracket has improved significantly for projectors, making home cinemas accessible to many families. Plasma screens are an ideal choice for cinema rooms and represent great value for the home, with new models being reviewed favorably in publications such as Home Theater, despite being thought of as an endangered species. There are so many options for your media room and you can opt for the gear that suits your family and your budget the best and design the room so that it complements your living space and becomes an investment. Because of the value of your equipment, you should also make sure you take out appropriate cover to protect your investment in the event of breakage or theft, and this will give you peace of mind to really sit back and enjoy your room, without any stress.

By following a few simple guidelines about home theater rooms and how to use your living space in a clever way, or convert your attic or basement, you can enjoy your very own media center, knowing that it sets your home apart from the competition and will become an asset when you think about selling your property.



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