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Airplay and your Home Theater

” AirPlay lets you stream music throughout your entire house — wirelessly. AirPlay wireless technology will be fully integrated into speaker docks, AV receivers, and stereo systems from companies such as Pioneer Elite and Denon. So you can enjoy your entire iTunes library — every song and every playlist — in any room and anytime.” – from Apple website

Iphone AirplayWe at Cedar Mill Home Theater have noticed a huge increase in clients asking for ways to stream music from there IPHONE, IPAD, or IPOD TOUCH  to a home theater or play through out the entire house.

There are new Receiver systems that exclusively include Airplay.  Pioneer Elite, Denon, Marantz… and a few others.   We of course carry these and can even give you a demo of them. 

With These new receivers and a Wireless Internet Connection, you can sit on the couch, open up your Ipad and pick your songs that you want to hear throughout your house. 

If you already have an existing Home Theater or stereo, you may use a couple of new devices from apple to stream music to your system…   these include the APPLETV, and the AIRPORT EXPRESS.

With Apple tv you may stream audio and video to your Home Theater system from your IPAD, or IPHONE,  such as netflix, you tube, and of course MUSIC.   There is a few limitations. such as, because appletv does not provide an analog signal, you will only be able to stream it to ONE room,  not play music throught out the entire house.

There is another nice product from Apple called the airport express.  It serves as a wireless extender and as an Airplay Device.  It only streams audio and not video. Because it has an analog signal it is a prefect for streaming music throughout you entire house. 

There are also some new receivers that allow for BLUETOOTH streaming.  If you dont have an airplay capable device or you have a DROID phone instead of Iphone, you can take advantage of BT technology to stream you music to your home theater.  the only drawback is that it has limited range, and you would need to be in the same room as you home theater in order to stream the music.

We carry many new receivers with airplay and Bluetooth functionality at very low prices, and can give you many options. You may demo the functions in our store, or call for a free consultation.

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