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Solutions for Delivering HDMI Signal

Binary engineered by SnapAV

Need to deliver 1080p over a long distance, but can’t use long-run HDMI?  No problem.  Binary introduces a new line of HDMI Extenders.

B-200-5COAX-HDIR by binary


What If your house was wired with Coax instead of cat5?  or you need to extend HDMI  up to 250 ft?  With these  HDMI 1.3 extenders you can send your true 1080p signal along with Infra red signal  up to 250 ft.

Over the past 15 years, we have seen many house pre-wired with component or coax jumper cable instead of hdmi.  Also,  we have seen Pre-installed projecters that are run with special 5-wire component or just coax jumpers in Theater Rooms.

The extenders are the perfect solution for converting to HDMI 1.3  or for upgrading older style projecters to HDMI  with true 1080p signal.

HD-1CAT-108P-50 by binary


Need to deliver 1080p up to 50 feet without breaking the budget? Looking for an HDMI Extender that doesn’t require a power outlet at the receiving end? The HDMI-1CAT-1080P-50 solves your problem

HD-2CAT-1080P-130 by binary


These extenders allow you to run cat5 up to 130 ft.  and then covert the signal to HDMI 1.3.

Perfect for situations where cat5 was either pre-isntalled in a home or you need to run HDMIover very long istances.   Binary ensures true 1080p signal.

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